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Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Weslyn Wood


As an ethereal thinker and mystic, Weslyn uses her art expressions created from her mediation to help others "see" and "thinc dipherently" beyond the natural and literal.

In this day of visual over stimulation, contemplative art of this "stillness" can take the attentive viewer to dimensions that unlock destinies and expand thinking, perception and expression modalities.  


The goal of this site is to provide a place that roams in the virtual world looking to connect individuals with truth and higher reality.  A place where people come and separate themselves from the pulls of this earth to enjoy artistic expressions that challenge one's perceptions; to create a space for one to enjoy transcendent wonderment; to learn how to “thinc dipherently; and to perhaps receive life altering, inner revelation.

Weslyn instructs others in the way of perceptional growth in mediation and creative expression. She is available to speak and teach about her techniques upon request. Please submit your request via the contact page or direct by phone at 214-674-9514 to discuss scheduling one on one or group sessions.

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