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This a meditative and creative inducing site, but at the request of patrons we have agreed that offering the ability to purchase prints and promote interactive commissioning and licensing modalities will bring in limitless creative opportunity on attaining an exciting  creative journey.

Our surroundings have great influence over our subconscious  reality. For this reason the walls of my meditation space are lined with 9"x11" art copies. Fresh revelations are exposed to catch my

every glance. Art lives and breathes and encourages "thincing dipherently" for those with an attentive spirit. The multiples magnify a creative, vibrant atmosphere. The package of [10] prints is an affordable option to  begin establishing your own active, revelatory space.

I am here to provide encouragement and insight in your creative journey that precipitates access to infinite  dimensions of why your unique insights are so valuable to this world. 


Reach out and let's get started!

                                                                                               ~Weslyn Wood



Art Prints

Art prints of any size are 

available for purchase

upon request. 

A standard print is offered in the image size: 11"x14", signed and printed on Fine Art Bright white paper.

Standard print orders deliver via UPS within 10-14 business days.*

Price per print: $125.00US

Contact us with the Art ID and we will confirm your image and order details. A Paypal invoice will be sent for final order approval and payment instructions to the reply email provided on the request form.

*Final image size may vary due to original art proportions. Color of

  computer images vary to final print media. Artist reserves right to

  assure color is as close as possible to presented images. Final size

  will be confirmed in writing before order is processed. All sales final   after order is approved and payment processed.

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