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Crossing Into New Dimensions: “Thincing Dipherrently”


Let me just get this out....I LOVE ABSTRACT ART! ESPECIALLY when you can tell it is created from a purely meditative state by the artist. Your spirit just KNOWS! It transcends and takes the Observer on an undeniable beautiful journey, but it takes the ATTENTIVE Viewer into deep dimensions often unlocking destiny mysteries!

It began from a meditative season traversing the question: "What do you see?" I am probably THE most structured person you have or will EVER meet. Such a seemingly innocent enough question. My art was very planned out at the time. Even abstract pieces felt constipated. The internal battle was 24/7 and tortuous to put it mildly.

A beautiful artist friend walked with me with grace and gentleness. Read more about this in my next blog: Face to Face with Destiny. But suffice to say, art is my walking stick on my destiny allows me to just breathe in new SEE and DREAM. It teaches me to THINC DIPHERENTLY. It stretches me and makes me research, learn, ponder deeply, apply new reasoning, try new things, expand in to new territory... it is endless in its ravishing pursuit to nullify ALL logic.


Abstract art allows its viewer to UNIQUELY experience and see what perhaps no one else would ever interpret. Oh, it could be that we recognize similar shapes like the image of a person traversing a path that seems fairly obvious to even a causal viewer, BUT the interpretation of colors, frequencies and shapes violently clash when it is compare to life experiences we personally hold in the filters of our heart and eyes. THIS is where we deliciously taste and enjoy in the sharing of what we each perceive in our interpretation uniqueness leaving behind the shadows of this realm.


Relentlessly, people ask me what I see in the art I create. I hesitate so as not to cause influence and corrupt the innocence of their perceptions within the art expressions.

Why see through my eyes?”, I ask.

I have come to realize that many are paralyzed by a form of fear that they will “get it wrong” or “offend” by saying what they see. (Hand raised...this was me!) The ability to express is a beautiful apex – a moment where I can help them know it is ok to have fun, toss around the crazy, ask questions, ponder, look and look again. Often, it comes about THEY want to try art for themselves! They are fascinated by the meanings of colors. Their spirits open and they soar in to the unknown without hesitation. MANY have discovered a new expression within themselves ...and THEY LOVE IT!

You will find it entangles you on a destiny pathway - filling the voids that thirst for something, anything with real heart to heart, no! higher than that...spirit to spirit...PERSONAL meaning. You can't explain this only comes from a place of experiencing fearless abandonment.


We have, as a general statement about the human race, most having been taught to trust what we literally see, to have at the ready a solid argument for the sake of justifying our perceptions. In my humble opinion all that bias gets thrown out the window with transcendent art. It causes chaos to our pre-described right angle boundaries we hold to so tightly.

I surround my meditation space with floor to ceiling art. With each glance I write new insights I see. Even away from the space with a day's event an image of an inking will pop up in my spirit and floods in whole new perspective of dimensions I had not previously considered.

C’NG DIPHERENTLY: By Way of Example

I do realize that sharing what I see has intrinsic value to help one “c dipherently” for I, too, am a “by example” person so here is what I see in one observance of this image:

The person on the path has a turban of soft red hues. She is clothed in transition from white to blues to greens. Her path is filled with rich jewel tones and she is crossing over a vast array of vivid Heavenly colors (aka dimensional layers).


I identify with the image and therefore reference the person as “her”. The Lord’s covering wraps her mind – representing the consuming of her “thoughts”. His Life (red/blood) has redeemed her (soft red-whites representing purification and purity). She has a garment of God (blue) wrapped around her, signifying her royalty, riches, life of service to God and Godly living. The garment transitions in to green ombre tones symbolizing fullness of Life. Life as in from the Breath of Creation - nothing lacking or found wanting.

She travels a narrow path, rich with experiences (jewel tones). Each shape represents a challenge from life that she not only overcame, but also gleaned the riches of the mysteries and treasures through each trial on the journey becoming wiser and more intrinsically beautiful inside out. The common thread is the strength of her Lord represented by the continuous red (His sacrifice for her) and purple (signifying His Royalty), which together afford her the victory over all obstacles in life. Her narrow path signifies her intentionality (walking the road less traveled) during her life’s journey as she walks in heavenly places where she is seen and known as, The Beloved One.

Now its your turn! What other sensory perceptions do you experience in this piece. Smell, touch, taste, hear...??? Sitting in intentionality of desire to perceive higher is a great way to perceive the atmosphere the art ushers into your space. If you get stuck by my description - no worries! Turn the picture on its side or upside down... what speaks to you?!

Here is the same image upside down. What do YOU see?!


This only touches the surface, but it is a start! Allow your eyes the FREEDOM to wander beyond the literal. Where are you going? What will you see? Will there be another path that leads you to something even greater?! YES TO ALL! So GO! Create your art so that we may all benefit from your journey.

I am here to help you break through to a life that not only sees art "dipherently", but realize how this can translate to all aspects of life and your circumstances as well.

Let's connect soon!

Abundant blessings....

© 2018 Weslyn Wood

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